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Vailankanni Church Mass Timings

Week Days

  • 05.40.am - Morning Prayer
  • 06.00.am - Mass in Tamil (Live Telecast - Jaya Plus TV)
  • 07.00.am - Mass in Tamil (07.30.am on Sunday Only)
  • 08.00.am - Mass in Telugu -Upper Basilica
  • 08.00.am - Mass in Konkani - Lower Basilica
  • 09.00.am - Mass in Malayalam - Morning Star Church
  • 10.00.am - Mass in English - Lower Basilica
  • 11.00.am - Mass in Hindi -Upper Basilica
  • 12.00.pm - Mass in Tamil - Lower Basilica
  • 04.00.pm - Mass in Tamil -Morning Star Church (Tues day -Konkani Mass) ( Sunday - No Mass)
  • 05.00.pm - Mass in Tamil (on Sunday only)
  • 06.00.pm - Rosary ,Litany and Mass in Tamil

The First Friday

  • 06.00.pm - Mass in Tamil, Eucharistic procession and Benediction

The First Saturday

  • 05.30.pm - Car Procession of our Lady of Health, Blessing of Stick with blessed Sacrament
  • 09.30.pm - Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament from 09.30 pm to midnight in the main shrine


  • 07.00.am - Mass in Tamil at Our Lady's Tank (The fourth Saturday Mass will be at Naduthittu)
  • 05.45.pm - Car Procession of Our Lady of Health Benediction and Mass in Tamil

*Every day there is one hour Eucharistic adoration in the Main Shrine from 03.00.pm to 04.00.pm

*On all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there is a candle Rosary procession around the Shrine

*Every Sunday there will be a Mass in Malayalam at 04.00.pm in the Lower Extension Basilica

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